Friday, August 1, 2008

Surgery (s)

So... so so so. I have surgery awaiting for me. Lurking in the shadows of vague September/October dates. It is for my nose. The surgery is actually surger-ies. 'They' are doing them all at the same time though. When I went to the Otolaryngologist, I had to verbally duel my way to find out the prices of all my different 'proceedures' I also had them write down the names cause i couldn't remember them. so i will list them all here for you. Luckily enough, my insurance payes about 80 per centum of it. so:
$977 ( i'm sure lots of people have heard of that.)
Bilateral Inferior Turbinate Reduction : $1404
Endoscopic Left Concha Bullosa Resection: $385

Getting to spend five days of my life with Tampons up my nose: Priceless

I am not making any of that up either. So that will be a complete joy.

OH! OMG OMG OMG!!! I CANNOT believe I forgot! I Also have to get surgery on my guy on the fifteenth of August. I'll be bedridden with my feet up for a week. Okay, actually I dind't forget. But this just seems alot more taboo. Yeah, with this one I'll be out longer and it'll be in a much more sensiticve area. It's not a hernia, but... i don't really wanna describe it. If you really REALLY want to learn about it, go here. _

Anyhow. Those are my surgeries and things. and Tonight, Breaking Dawn comes out. Boy, i tell you what, I'll sure be breaking dawn reading it tonight. NO SLEEP! Seriously! I was kidding. I probably won't even get to read it for a few days, or at least till Sunday, what with Wourk and all. anyway, thank you readership. And don't click on the aforementioned link.


mommymuse said...

Holy snipes, batman! Put a ratings system on your posts or something! My poor innocent eyes...if I want to hear about surgery on your, ahem, 'member' I'll get details from your mom. Oh wait, she already told me all about it. Gah!

Hannah said...


If you want, I can just kick you. I owe you a swift kick to the balls anyway.