Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yale, Big Dreams, and Siphoning gas

P.I Yale and Big Dreams
So I've never been one to dream big. It's just not how I am. I don't think it was a learned behavior from my parents, just from myself. Cause if I have big hopes and I don't reach them, then there is only that much further to fall, yes? Yes. I'm sure this is a very common and easy way to look at life. And so far, it hasn't caused me too much trouble. I mean maybe I could have gotten into the only show at the Hale of Center Street i tried out for, but i think it's a blessing that i didn't. (See Blog: Salt Lake is so hip that They Don't Need To Prove it to Anyone (or reputations that are far from the truth)) But I think now i found something that I actually want to try for. like, i really really want to do it. I've always known I am a better writer, of plays and prose, than most of my peers, (Especially playwrighting, Not so much prose.) and I knew that if i thought so highly of myself, i would fall eventually. but the thing is, I'm really good. I know, you're looking at my past blogs and saying "no he's not" but, these aren't plays, you see. so anyway, I know I'm better than almost everyone Ive met at writing plays, or, better than any of my peers anyway. (Scott Stringham is much older than me.) This may sound cocky, and i guess it is, but this is the only thing in my life i have ever been confident about. But anyhow, I have set a goal that I want to go to Yale School of Drama. I know, I'm far too young and inexperienced now, but after I graduate from some undergrad school, probably BYU, then I'm gonna apply there. there are 200 students and 100 teachers. A three year school. They have MFA's in all possible catergories of theatre anyone could want. Now, the only thing that they don't have is Christopher Durang. He did graduate from there, and worked at the Yale Rep. but he now teaches at Julliard School of Playwriting. Which i used to want to go there, because he and MArsha Norman ('night Mother) are the two playwrighting teachers. but after looking around and researching, thats about all they have that i want that Yale doesn't offer better. yeah. But i've been looking around, and on the aforeposted Yale website, they have videos introductions to each department by the department chairs. Yeah, but i'm gonna go there for Gradschool at somepoint. they offer Scholarships. and Connecticut is pretty.

I wanted to post a video of one of the dep. chairs here, you know, cause visible videos are kind of a blog-draw, but i can't get these ones on here, so i'll merely post a link. HERE.

P.II Siphoning Gas
o, yesterday, I siphoned my first gas tank. It was with a little, thin, long rubber tube. I got a mouthful of gas. well, it was mostly in between my lips, but it was weird and numbing.
I had a full gas tank in my scooter and it turns out alot of my scooter problems are caused because I should be using Premium, or octane 90 gas, or better. And I have been using plain old ordinary regular gas. So, I siphoned the tank, fed the old gas into my lawnmower and put some squeaky new premium gas into my scooter. I think it might work better, but I don't know, because i'm not allowed to ride it anymore. something about "no license plate" "no insurance" "no motorcycle license" "blah blah blah" so anyway. I hope it works.


Hannah said...

That's awesome! I didn't know Yale had a drama school. Good plan, Ethan. You'll totally be able to do it

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you will definitely get in. Really. You've always been way good at writing plays. Anyone who's ever thought they were good is still not as good as you. And connecticut is nice. So that's good. I love you. And that's gross that you got gas in your mouf. Real gross. Love you again.
your girlfriend