About Me

I am a boy. I am no longer a theater student. And I like to write (like everyone else on the internet, apparently.) I am obsessed with Aesthetics. I saw a motivational poster once, The caption read: "BLOGGING: Never Have So Many Said So Little To So Few" then on a movie once I heard "Blogging isn't journalism, it's graffiti with punctuation" And I tend to agree. Yet here I am. It is an outlet for my many creative juices that flow forth so freely that I can nigh' keep them from spilling onto the floor and needing to be mopped up. And, because no-one likes a moppy juice, least of all a creative one, I have here an outlet to keep them safe, sound, and un-spilled. "for a spilt creative juice, 'tis a     lost creative juice!"  thats what I say!

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