Monday, July 28, 2008

The Assassin's Creed.

Altair is an assassin in the year 1191, during the third Crusade of the Holy Land, He was a top-ranking assassin in his Brotherhood, and during his most recent attempt to kill the Templar-leader,
(Altaïr, along with another assassin named Malik and his brother Kaddar, being ordered to retrieve a mysterious artifact from ruins of the Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem which is also being sought by The Knights Templar. As Altaïr and his companions make their way into Solomon's Temple, they discover that Grand Master of The Knights Templar, Robert IV de Sablé is also there. Altaïr attempts to kill Robert but the ensuing attempt fails and Altaïr gets separated from his companions, leaving Robert and his men with Malik and Kaddar. Upon returning to the order's base of operation it is discovered that Malik survived the engagement; although losing an arm and his brother, he managed to retrieve the artifact.)

He failed and broke all three tenets of the Assassin's Creed, for which he was demoted completely. Altair now has to work his way back up the ranks of the Brotherhood. which is lucky because he should have been killed. The three Tenets are as follows:

1. Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
2. Do not draw attention before you strike
3. And never compromise the brotherhood

Well, he killed an innocent man to get into the Temple of Solomon, Then, he walked right up to his target before he killed him, and finally, he lead his attackers, unknowingly, back to the Brotherhood's headquarters. WELL, as you can tell, this is serious. But, his leader was compassionate and merely demoted him completely, as I stated prior. But I got to thinking, I won't be so lucky.

I, too, have broken the three tenets of the Assassin's Creed.

1. I killed an innocent man. On the way to Macey's the other day, I saw him and mistook him for my assassination target, so I snapped his neck apart. But it turned out it was just some elderly man.

2. I drew attention to myself before I struck, as well, it was horrible, I just, did cartwheels around him, this innocent elderly man, and then turned on my car speakers playing Black Dog, then started slapping him and yelling "i'm gonna kill you, i'm gonna kill you. You're gonna be assassinated cause i'm gonna kill you!" So all these bystander's saw.

3. I compromised the brotherhood. In exchange for my freedom I told the bystanders who the real enemies were,a nd apologized for the innocent mistake. I explained that i merely thought this old man was the Templar leader. so I apologized and told them that Dylan Thomas made me do it, whoever he was. And so now, I'm in deep. oops

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Hannah said...

I still laugh uncontrollably whenever I read this.

"I explained that i merely thought this old man was the Templar leader."