Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Last Night I saw 'Contagion'

So you guys, last night I saw Contagion. It was packed with random movie stars: Lawrence Fishburn, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hal from Malcom in the Middle (Bryan Cranston) , Marrion Cotillard, John Hawkes,  and Demetri Martin randomly playing a scientist. As it started I liked the movie a lot because it set up a lot of different stories and exciting things that could happen and play themselves out  because it seemed like all these different characters had different story lines. I thought they were all handled well and I was  excited to see them get resolved. But at the end, NONE of them got resolved. the only thing that we do get a conclusion to is, at the very very end, the last scene, we find out where the disease came from. but other than that, with regard to all the other characters and stories, it just ended. and that was quite annoying to me at first. But as I've been thinking more about it, it seems more reasonable that none of the stories would be seen completely through. I mean, we get an idea of where they are all heading, and we can assume. but it ends so suddenly. And for most movies that would be a major downfall, I at first I thought it was for this one too.but then I started thinking more broadly. I realized that this whole movie is about millions of people dying suddenly from this disease.  And int hat light, the ending of this movie is just like the ending of all these peoples lives. They have lives to live and stories to resolve, but they don't get the chance because they suddenly die. we too, as the audience, take teh same role. we can infer the way these stories end, but as for a sure, certain conclusion, we get none. It was nice becasue that is how real life it too. we come in and out of acquaintances and leave in the middle of other peoples stories. So as I started looking at it from that light, it was a much more satisfying ending.

As for the body of the movie, I thought it was well handles and the way it was shot very simply and powerfully hinted at the spreading of disease without ever actually saying "Wow, that disease just was put onto that door, and now it's on that person"  Stephen Soderbergh could tell that same story by a simple silent camera shot, or by pausing a split second longer on something. I thought it was neat. 

Overall, I like looking at things and seeing reasons to like then not to not like them. It makes life more enjoyable. Contagion may not be oscar stuff. but not every movie has to be. It was enjoyable. and made me glad I don't have MEV-1.

Just a little update of what I did Saturday night. I saw it with NeCole and had a really good time. Tha'ts all.

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