Sunday, October 23, 2011

This made me feel alot better

I've been having a rough week, and a Very rough night last night, but I tried my best to turn toward God and the scriptures to help me out. This morning, I listened to this and I felt alot better too. You can listen as well. It is a conversation from Conversations on with Elder and sister Holland.  
I don't think it was anything in particular that was said in the interview that made me feel so much better, I think it was just the spirit that was exuded by the  two of them. I don't think it really mattered who it was that I listened to. But in this particular interview it made me realize that true love, deep love, honest and unconditional love can and does exist, between two people and from God.

So anyway, The Church is True. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will dissuade me. try as hard as you want, if you want (although i'd rather you didn't) It Wont Work.

That's all.

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