Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've been thinking

I've been thinking, friends.

I go the bathroom a lot at school. We have over 84 buildings on campus, and most of them have multiple levels. What if I tried to use every single one of them? how long would it take me? could I do it? how could I keep track?  anyway, just a thought that has been simmering in my mind. Some sort of BYU Boys Bathroom Blog. if any of you have any ideas of how this could be accomplished, please comment and tell me.

Also, incidentally, it is good to be back on a site that I can stand to look at and be on, much thanks to Hannah Hillam for her help organizing my page and telling me how to remove crap that I don't need (by the way, speaking of crap I don't need, all the pointless crap that used to be on the sidebar can now be found under the "Stuff I like" page, below my header. Feel free to browse and peruse)

So all, I like stuff. 

Also I hate it wen my mouth tastes like feet.


Hannah Hillam said...

The header looks good, Etherz.

butcher said...

Carve a tally mark into each bathroom door and take pictures. Once you've used every bathroom on campus, go for all the girl's bathrooms, then go for every stall and urinal on campus.

Hey, coincidence? The little word it wants me to type before I can post this comment (to prove I'm human) is "urines". Crazy eh?