Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emperor Sweet-n-sour

Hi friends! I was looking through a notebook of mine recently. It is made out of a Rex Stout novel, a Nero Wolf mystery called Too Many Clients (SEE IMAGE HERE) That Hannah's parents made, and I found something I wrote a few months ago.
My family was driving somewhere together and my dad saw a new Chinese restaurant called China Lily. Right down the street was another Chinese place called Rice Garden. We all saw these. Just a moment later my dad turned around and said to us:

" I think, if you want to open a Chinese restaurant, especially a quick, fast food type one, all you have to do is take two words that are loosely related to China and put them together. Like Rice Wok or Panda Chopstick."

And I thought How true that is. Here are the names of a few local valley-area Chinese restaurants, mixed with some that I made up. I'll bet you can't tell which ones I made up and which ones are real:

-Golden Tree Gourmet
-Dragon Star
-China Wah
-Ho Ho Gourmet
-China Wok
- Dragon Isle
- Rice King
- Ocean City
- Golden China
-Chin-wah cafe
- China Panda
- Spring Garden
- Chand's Dynasty Express
- Magic Wok

Now, I'm sorry, I was being tricky. Those are ALL real restaurant in the Valley area. Yes, Even China Panda, Chand's Dynasty Express, China-Wah and Magic Wok.

It's really a good point he made. Really. Now, it's your turn. comment on here and tell me your ideas for names of new Chinese restaurants. if it's helpful, I made a MadLib to assist you:

The Name Of My New
__(name of Oriental country, preferably bordering Mongolia)__
Restaurant Is
__(Name of Oriental Object or mythical creature)__
___(name of Oriental tool or cooking utensil)__!

And there you have it. Simple! An example of a completed MadLib would be something like this:
"The Name Of My New __Chinese__ Restaurant Is __Chairman Mao__ __Chopsticks__!

see! Thanks, and please comment.


Brionne said...

You rock, my friend! goes:

The Name Of My New Chinese Restaurant Is The Tofu Tiger.

(I am picturing a literal tofu tiger created for the grand opening. Any thoughts?)

The_Hamburglar said...

I think that's a brilliant idea. The tiger needs to have a big-ol' cheezy grin though. And in true Chinese Restaurant fashion, you should then serve the tofu from the tiger in your dishes. it wouldn't be that gross... right?

mommymuse said...

You could make your restaurant sound more elitist by sticking a region or provincial name in front of it:

Shaanxi Dragon Temple

Yangtze Red Lantern (haha...that was another UV restaurant a few years ago...)

Tibetan Noodle Dynasty

Yin Mountain Rice Garden

Hanzhong Honey Heaven

Sichuan Spice Pot

This is fun! Give us another one!

Erika said...

Here's mine: The name of my new Chinese Restaurant is The Geisha Platter. Yeah?

Hannah said...

Hahahaha! Geisha Platter?! That's hilarious. Geishas are Japanese, though. Oh well. This is America.

Here is mine...

The People's Republic of Rice.

Or perhaps Chicken. The People's Republic of Chicken.