Sunday, April 5, 2009


I just remembered something I loathe more than anything else on the planet. It is called:

Pity Laughter

I hate everything about it. What it stands for: encouraging the un-funny. What it does to those un-funny people: makes them do it more. And I hate what it sounds like: that less-than-halfhearted short, quiet chuckle in hopes of shutting someone up.

But what people don't understand is that it doesn't shut these people up, It makes them do it more, because people laugh at them. Now, I understand why people do this. People Pity laugh to spare others feelings, but one doesn't have to openly say "that was not funny" in order to not pity laugh, they merely need to not laugh. and usually, the people who have the self esteem to make obviously un-funny jokes can handle people not laughing. I know i've had more than my fair share of pity laughs in my time, and frankly, I find them un-necessary. That is all. Thank you. (Man, I complain alot on here. I should post more up-lifting things... sorry. I did just post a good one right before this though, you can read that too.)

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