Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Putting off writing.

Now, ironically, I'm writing in order to avoid writing. But I have to write a 80-100 page stage play by Monday, I need 75 pages by Friday, and I'm on page 43 today (Wednesday). I should be writing that right now, but I just don't want to. Earlier today, at Barnes and Noble I sat for an hour and fifteen minutes listening to Espers and I wrote thirteen or fourteen pages. Thats something. But, now I need to get back on and write again, and I'll be fuzzled, I just don't want to.. Shucks. Today I auditioned for SAST, Short attention Span Theatre (er) with a monologue from The Pillowman. I memorized it in about ten minutes earlier today. I think I did pretty well at the auditions, I find out tomorrow if I get called back... Hmmm. I wonder if I will (cue dream music and clouds now) (CUT TO: me... dancing?) okay, nevermind, that only worked in my head for a split second, then I realized it was only a half formed idea. Speaking of half- formed ideas, I should tell you guys about this play I'm supposed to be writing for class. Jeez.

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