Friday, July 11, 2008

NightTime in my house

So it's nighttime. I'm watching "How it's Made". my family is in Caste Dale waiting for a family reunion on Saturday to come. Tonight, i am finding out how 'they' make Fiberglasss Insulation, wooden ducks, Gumball machines and something else mechanical, i can't remember. So this should be an informative night.

Anyway, I also got the script to Proof today. so now i can get the monologues out of that as well. I am collecting monologues from all the plays I own except Hamlet and A Doll's House. I'm up to 197 monologues. but i need to finish putting in the Oleanna monologues, and now Proof as well. Then I'll just have all of Chris Durang's full length plays and I'll be through. or at least, ready to start copying the monologues down onto the computer so i can print them out. yeah. So far, I have monologues from -Whos afraid of Virginia Woolf, August, osage County, the American Dream, Top GIrls, The Pillowman, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, the Cripple of Inishmaan, Some Girl(s), Wrecks (neil labute collection) Autobahn (neil Labute collection) the Mercy Seat, the Shape of Things, BASH, PLan B Theatre Company omnibus (plays from behind the zion curtain.) Cristopher Durangs complete short plays, Rhinoceros, Ubu Roi, Angels in America, Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Steve Martin Collection) All My Sons, and a Harold Pinter Collection. So, thats that.
Next, i think i'm gonna collect scenes, And yes, I am a Theatre Masochist thankyouverymuch. but someday, someone will thank me.

Right now they're on Gumball machines, I hope they do 'Am-byoo Lance's' next.

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