Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Erynn is sick

"Yellow matter custard, green slop pie,
All mixed together with a dead dog's eye,
Slap it on a butty, ten foot thick
Then wash it all down with a cup of cold sick"

-a British Nursery Rhyme

Well,  I think Erynn has done just about that, and thrown the cold sick back up again

She threw up a grand total of twenty four times yesterday, yeah 24!
She couldn't keep food down, so my mom wanted to get Anal Suppositories for her, but no dice, shucks, so she had to take conventional medicine, including Pepto Bismal, which, for the first time in William's Family history, was not thrown up. so hoorah

She's better mostly now, except she seems kind of depressed and helpless that she's not wearing any pants. my parents were going somewhere and i asked her if she was going too, she said " no, i'm not wearing any pants" 
 "you could put some on" i said. she merely stared at me then fell back onto the couch and put her blanket over her head. 

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kayleigh. said...

haha. That last scene with Erynn wearing no pants made me laugh for approximately 3 minutes. I could picture it so vividly in my mind, it was utterly fantastic.