Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deadliest Catch!

So Deadliest Catch is this Television show for the Discovery channel about these five King-crab boat that go fishing on the Bering Sea.  And that's about it. They each have a captain that is distinctly his own individual. Their crews all are quick-tempered and the captains care so much about their boats and their crew that they have no choice but to give 'tough-love.' The drama on the show usually comes from multi-camera captures of a large wave coming over the deck. or the captain being sick, or a member of the crew being sick, or the whole fleet being low on crab at that precise moment, or people being mean to one another. occasionally someone gets hurt, which is in turn broadcasted all over the commercials for the show.  This profession is supposedly the deadliest profession  in the world, hence Deadliest catch. oh, also, Mike Rowe, the man from Dirty Jobs, also on the Discovery channel is the narrator of this intriguing, addicting program. 

My problem with the show is not so much that it is excruciatingly  boring, or that all of the episodes are exactly the same: Close up of pods of crab being unloaded, then an intimate interview with the captain of the crab-vessel, then some dramatic night-time shots of waves crashing over the side, then night-time shots of the crew scrambling on deck trying to accomplish some very important task, occasionally interviews of the crew trying to keep morale up are included,  then another interview with the captain in the wheel house, this time talking about how important it is that they get done whatever needs to get done, and cursing and smoking a lot because it's not being done fast enough, then commercial, then the same thing on a different boat in the fleet. all very dramatically narrated by Mike Rowe.  My problem isn't even the fact that it seems completely pointless or impossible to relate to.  No, my problem lies in them taking over the Discovery channel. and I mean this completely seriously.  I looked on t.v. guide today, and from 8:00 a.m till 2:00 am.m they just have deadliest catch. Before 8 and after 2 is infomercials.  and the same thing tomorrow. nothing else is on the Discovery channel besides Deadliest Catch.    not even Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, which seemed to be how it was a while ago. a show that Mike Rowe hosted, then a show that Mike Rowe narrated, then back to a show he hosted. (see this video)


 no, now it is ONLY Deadliest catch.  I'll put a link here for the T.V. guide site I went to, but it will have been updated with the proper day I'm sure. But if you check it within the next 2 months, I'm sure it will still be the same.     No more Mythbusters, or Documentaries on moonshine, or Science programs, or Smashlab, or WWII shows or, or... anything that's not Deadliest Catch. 
    So that is my beef. My biggest, fattest beef in the world. Thank you. 

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Hannah said...

I hate Mike Rowe. His mouth is huge.