Friday, March 2, 2012

Un-knowingly creepy

So Today at work, something unwittingly -but not unnoticeably- creepy happened. We have devotionals before the shifts, and on this particular shift, one of the workers was still on the phone with someone, so we had to be quiet. Normally we clap and yell out answers to questions and are mildly-to-moderately boisterous.  But this time we couldn't be, which was fine, it happens. However, today we were celebrating three people's birthdays, and we always sing to the birthday folks, so we brought them up to the front and started to sing... only we didn't sing. No no. we all whispered as loud as we could the song "Happy Birthday"  Ever seen 'Children of the Corn'? it was kind of like that. Such an innocent song, turned so terribly unnerving. So there we were, a room of 40 people all whisper-shouting "Happy Birthday."

I don't think leadership will choose to do that again.

So Happy Birthday.

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