Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gyoza and some photshopping I did.

First of all, I took the advice of Angie and made some Gyoza that she said was delicious. She didn't post a recipe but did mention the name of the person who's recipe it was. May I just say, we made 90 of them and I loved every minute of making them and eating them... especially eating them. wow! (she has since added the link to the recipe by Lillian Wilkins. I also added it here. Please check it out. )

Now, for photoshop

So here, for starters, is my cousin's daughter. She is my first cousin once removed.  She is probably the bar none cutest baby I have ever ever seen and will probably remain so until I have my own children. I took a picture of her at our family reunion and then I touched it up a bit (as if you can truly "touch up" a baby, cause they are perfect. I more enhanced the pictures colors and stuff... you know) and then I gave it to them. I hope they enjoy it.
Before Editing

After Editing

Now here is the Provo Temple. I took the picture when it was a bit hazy outside and the colors on the Temple weren't as crisp as I would have liked them to be. plus there was a lad standing right THERE in the picture. Just standing on up there in the middle of my photograph! the nerve of some people! ... so i politely removed her as I was touching up and enhancing the colors and blurring and darkening the mountains and other et-ceteras. it's a bit sloppy, I'm still a complete beginner. but I'm making progress. 

Before Edit

After Edit

 And lastly, this is a flyer I made to practice a photoshop tutorial I found HERE on how to make 1960's style concert posters. It is pretty much an exact copy of the tutorial. It was just practice. The site has a bunch of good tutorials, if you are into that type of thing...  Anyway, I made them... there was no dinner date though... poo.

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