Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before there was Verbal-Vomit...

So I've known Hannah Jayne Hillam for a good number of years now, and as she grows in popularity (deservingly so, due to the success of her infant-art-love-baby I thought I'd Give her a loving homage. This is a bunch of art Hannah drew a few years ago that she gave to me that I found in some boxes as I was going through my stuff. please enjoy:

Sorry these pictures are so small. click on them and it will enlarge them. it's a bit more work, but it's worth it, and I'm no computer whiz to do anything different. Thanks!

And Now, just some random Sketches and drawing on paper. Most were sleep-deprivation-educed, and / or procrastinating another, more difficult drawing-produced.

And these last two are a little more classy... if I can be excused for a moment and use the word "Classy" to describe Hannah's art. They are Harry Potter and Little Miss Muffet.

Anyway, Hannah is great. Go to her site, comment on it, love it, eat, drink and sleep it. have creepy dreams of ugly folks sidling around you... it's a phenomenon, just wait.

She Rox in a Box.


Hannah Hillam said...

That last one, the miss muffet one, is SO BAD. But funny to see.

Also, "I'm the BUTT King"?? Hahahahahahaha!!

Thank you, this made my day.

erika danielle eddington said...

Oh good ol' Hannah! I've always loved your arts. COME HOME!