Sunday, July 12, 2009

A 7-lb Denver Burrito

Two months ago, I visited Denver, CO. ( see THIS POST for what I didn't write about it) to go to a Decemberists concert. It was by far the best night of my life. I would gladly get poked in the face by ten thousand flaming needles if i could see ten minutes of that concert again. I took some pictures and some videos, and I'll post them here probably at the end of the blog.

It was on May 24 and we had just visited the Denver Zoo. It was bigger and better than Utah's Hogle Zoo. I knew about Jack-n-Grill, a place that had a seven pound breakfast burrito eating challenge. I wanted to take it, but I knew I wouldn't be able to best the beast by myself. I hoped to enlist Tucker's help. He agreed. My dad had been texting me the whole vacation, asking me for burrito updates and about whether or not I had eaten it yet. When he finally found out I was going up against it, he said to me "be strong be brave, make us proud" yes, my family likes food.

So we went to Jack-n-grill

As I said, Tucker agreed to brave the beast with me. Although, he seemed to be doing it more out of obligation and loyalty than excitement. It was more a favor to me. I had gone the day without eating. he tried, but broke down forty five minutes before we got to the burrito and bought two hot-dogs at the zoo. That, coupled with Tucker's already girlishly small appetite made him of little use. Also, another, bigger problem is that cup in his left hand. It was full of Mt. Dew. he filled it three times before our burrito came. He was very full already. But he was excited and optimistic nonetheless.

There is me, with the burrito. It came. It weighed 6.89 lbs. She weighed it for me cause she said it felt a little light. Well...

There we are, tucker and myself, reaching after the massive burrito-ey monstrosity. It is made eight eggs, 1 pound of cheese, 1 pound of green chili and 1 1/2 pounds of potatoes. I was on a diet before this. I lost thirty pounds. I felt justified in sealing it with this.

This is a good picture of how the first five of six minutes were. Us both, hapily eating. (although tucker only took about five bites in said five minutes)

And this is how it was the rest of the half hour. Tucker, feeling sick and not eating at all, and me, Happily consuming at breakneck speed... until i couldn't anymore.

At the end of the day, I ate about 4 1/2 pounds. Tucker, about 4 1/2 bites. and notice that in his portion, the food isn't actually eaten, just moved around a bit.

Needless to say, tucker was pooped.

And also, Hannah looked like a Vimax commercial.

NOW: we went to a Decemberists concert. Here are some pictures from it.

Colin Meloy! i want him to have my babies. we were standing so close i could smell his sweat. it was awesome.

Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond) was insane! she was jumoing around and just exuded this insane crazy energy that made everyone scream and jump and probably J*** in their pants.

Becky Stark (of Lavender Diamond) was amazing. She sang Margaret. and she looked the aprt perfectly. she was so so so good. but i think people were overpowered by Shara Worden so they didn't appreciate her as much as they should have.

Chris Funke... he was so real, I cried. I really did.


Efff!!!! I'd give up all of my hair to see five minutes of this show again.

Annan Water. He raised his hands, as you can tell. in the car on the way back home we listened tot he C.D. alot. and whenever it got toi this part, we'd all raise our hands like he did. except the car roof was so small it looked like we were just Heil-ing Hitler...

There are AMAZING videos, but they haven't been able to be successfully uploaded yet. pee! so someone else took videos of the same concert and put them on YouTube. So i'll post that link here. you can see tuckers head in the videos. he's the tall one in the middle-right ish.

The Drowned


Annan Water


Sons and Daughters

And finally, a freaking AMAZING cover of
Crazy on You

Many many thanks to PIEHOLE2000 for being able to upload the videos I wasn't able to.

Anyway, all in all, that was the happiest, fullest day of my life.


Jessamyn Svensson said...

I am the MOST jealous.

the verification word for this was 'wingsys'

The_Hamburglar said...

haha. Tommy likey, tommy want wingsys. I like when the verification words spell stuff. one time, I had one that spelled 'scrotum'. I'm glad you're jealous of my food excursion. someone needs to be.

Tucker said...

That was quite hilarious. True, my girlishly small stomach paled in comparison to your mini fridge there

erikadanielle said...

When you come home, I'll present you with another 7 pound burrito. I'll make it myself. It will be the best day all over again!

erikadanielle said...

I'll get Colin Meloy to come too.