Friday, March 27, 2009

Pepsi Knows Their Logos Look Like Fat People.

So I was STUMBLING UPON things the other day, and I stumbled upon this:

It says "this is what I think if whenever I see the new Pepsi ads. :)"

It's from a website called... well I don't know where it originated form. I'll say it's from a site called and I laughed at it. There was a response to it in the form of this following image:

I don't like this second image nearly as much. I think it is silly and stupid and a bit more crass and un-intelligent than the first one, but it gets the message across. And the message is: "I think Pepsi knows that their logos look like fat people!"

Well Ethan, how on earth could you claim such an un-founded thing? The answer is that it is not unfounded. See:
Now, just ignore the Mountain Dew for now, okay, it' snot important for this discussion. But if you look, you see that the regular Pepsi logo looks like the aforepictured fat person. But the Diet Pepsi has a much smaller white area, or if we refer to the previous picture, a much smaller 'tummy.' If we made a picture of the Diet Pepsi logo, the person would not be as fat! Because it's DIET! now, on the same vein, the Pepsi Max Logo would be much much fatter than even the regular Pepsi would be. He would be the MAXimum amount of fat... he would also have black trousers.

See, and you guys wondered how I justified my claims... sheesh. Pepsi totally knew their logos looked like fat people.

(quod erat demonstrandum)
(which was to be demonstrated)

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Erika Eddington said...

That is why coke is better...