Thursday, February 19, 2009


So today, I saw a commercial . for the Anti-depressant / Bi-polar medication 'Abilify.' Wow. What follows is an un-edited, exact transcript of the commercial that actually got aired on T.V. The first half of the commercial merely states that if your anti-depressant alone isn't enough, talk to your doctor about adding Abilify. Then they go straight into this, in the same sing-song, everything-is-going-to-be-alright tone of voice. But if one actually listens to the words, they will fast realize that everything, most definitely, is not going to be alright on Abilify.

"Call your doctor if your depressions worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior, or have thoughts of suicide: Anti-depression medications can increase these in children, teens and young adults."
Okay, awesome. My depression medication will actually increase my risk of being depressed and committing suicide. But only if I'm a child, teen or young adult. at least there's still middle age and elderly.

"Elderly dementia patients taking Abilify have an increased chance of Death or stroke" So much for elderly.

"call your doctor if you have high fever, stiff muscles, and confusion while on Abilify, as these may be signs of a life-threatening reaction. Or uncontrollable muscle reaction, as these may be permanent."
wonderful! I get to take my depression medication, become more depressed, and then be permanently disfigured. hooray. I don't see any cons to this medication so far.

"high blood pressure has been reported with Abilify and medicines like it. And in rare cases increased blood pressure has lead to death or stroke."

Hang on, The medicine increases blood pressure, and the then increased blood pressure can lead to my death... That doesn't seem like it would be caused
in any way by the medication.

"Other risks include dizziness upon standing, seizure, impaired motor skills, and trouble standing"
Jeez, if i had trouble standing, I'd be depressed too. luckily, iIve just heard of this great medication, Abilify...

"talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking Abilify, If an anti-depressant alone isn't enough."
Wow. i can only think of two doctors who could possibly think prescribing this to anyone would be a good idea:
Dr. Nick Riviera

And Dr. Leo Spaceman (spuh-CHEH-men)

And they are both fictional.

The link for the video is HERE.

I will also try to add it to the blog:

Also, I would like to post a quiz that I made for you guys. Just a little fun thing for my readership.
Which Of These Names Is A Medication And Which Is A Name From Middle Earth:


Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

I cant believe thats an actual commercial!

I noticed you go to UVU. Have you heard about They are giving away free stuff to UVU students. I am trying to help them spread the word because I love this idea.

Check out their site and sign up! I got a free pork burrito from Costa Vida the other day. It's super legit. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can be apart of it in seconds.


Hannah said...

Ethan, that quiz is hilarious, and nearly impossible.

Brionne said...

Loved the quiz! Thanks for telling me about it. Take care!