Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm feeling update-y. Kind-of. you know, like, I haven't posted in a while, if anyone is keeping track, which i doubt ( not Eeyore references intended.) But I've been going here, to UVU for over a week now, and I'm liking it. I'm PSM ing a show, (production Stage Managing) Flies in the snuff box, by Anton Chekov. it's actually a series of four one-act plays, which i am over all of. i will have different ASM or Assistant Stage Managers over each individual play. but i will be in charge. calling the cues, like lights and sound and things, making French scenes, prop lists, schedules, call notices, costumes lists, everything that isn't directing or marketing the show I'm in charge of. And I've only been here a week. so That's nice.
It's a nice way to just jump right on into the department. volunteer to PSM the first show of the year. Faculty gets to know me, students get to know me, all those lovely things. As opposed to if I didn't, I'd just sit around in two theatre classes with no-one knowing who I was, and not feeling a part of the department. but now I do. Being a stage manager requires extreme organization and also the ability to talk with people, , actors, directors, producers, etc. which in this case equates into both directors, (professors,) actors (peers) producers (professors) and all that. I need to take the initiative and be very self driven. I'm really excited about this. but too bad it only lasts until oct. 2. it opens in twenty days. Sheesh. But I'm still in a Stage Management class, so that's nice. and maybe I'll start trying to Stage manage professionally? who knows.
I'm also in a New Script Workshop where we workshop new plays. it's a rare experience for an undergraduate. My play got read last time, and talked about for forty five minutes. it was lovely. I'm way excited.
I'm getting big. I eat too much. but who gives a bibble. gabba gabba hey. right?!

here's a video i think you all should watch:

yeah... um, that fun! i think i've shown it to you all already, but it's sure gross.

I need to get back to work on Stage Management.

Oh, by the way, I quit Zupas cause i am at the theater so much. but i now work at flower patch as a driver... so thats a-summin.

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