Thursday, August 28, 2008


on Monday, I was meeting with Dr. Edginton and I decided I needed to go to school. So he said " i'll bet I could get you in by 4:00 this afternoon" it was nine. well, he made a few calls and then told me i needed to just call CEU get them to send my college transcript, and get my high-school transcript sent and that'd be that. well, i left his office and drove to the high-school. It proved a little more difficult than he thought. my ACT scores weren't on my transcript. so i went to the school district, who also didn't have them. I made nine or ten phone calls to CEU before finally getting in touch with someone who told me i needed to fax them written request for a Transcript transfer. anyhow. I drove to UVU and spent an hour and a half there. by that time i was all but registered. i had cleared up transcript stuff, registration stuff, and applications. I merely needed to take the Compass Test, it's an ACT equivalent, because my ACT scores were lost in translation somewhere. so i did that, three tests in an hour. I also had to change my major
I was meeting with an Academic Advisor. he said that there would be a hold on my registration abilities untill they had my ACT scores and Transcript officially. he also said that because of my Theatre Major Status, i would have to meet with Erin Grover, the advisor over Dance, music and theatre. she is also very strict. he said that he is very leniant and would just say "oh, your transcripts are on their way, here, i'll take the hold off" but Erin would need them in hand, which could take up to six weeks, but probably just 4 or 5 days. but i would have missed registration time. so i asked the academic advisor, i says: "so, if Erin is such a hard 'A' what if i just say my major is undecided? then could you take the hold off? i could still take theatre classes, right?"
he said yes to all of the above, then made sure we had it clear that this whole idea was mine, and he didn't say anything. i think he was just surprised at how awesome i am at knowing my way around systems. Rock! anyway. so i lept over to testing and took 'em all. the next morning i called him and he took the holds off. the only problem now was that i couldn't register for any good theatre classes cause all my pre-requisites were on my CEU transcript, which i hadn't gotten. so I went to my first class and then tried to log onto my CEU account to get my grades. It was locked. So i called up CEU about 6 times again until someone quickly and easily unlocked it. i printed them off, went to Miss Erin Grover and she showed me what awesome classes i could take. so here i am, from no plan on being in school to a ten-credit, second year theatre student in two days flat. Go me.

The library here is really nice. i mean, i'm not sure how their books are, or research / reference materials are, but the building its;ef i love. it's huge, and it has tons and tons of windows, and the three upper levels are all dead silent. (yeah, five level library) it's just pretty. and the campus is really open, like alot of open air walkways and large places to sit outside, some grassy, but most are just brick, right next to the industial cement of the buildings themselves. ironically though, it is also very closed in. it is all completely connected, so you never have to go outside it you don't want to. And the more i'm here (which has been two days) the more i like the campus. it grows on me, like weeds, you know? something ugly grows and grows until it weasels it's way into your heart. Then suffocates you.

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Hannah said...

Way to work the system, Ethan. That's awesome...

hopefully the noxious weeds of UVU don't suffocate you to death, because all of that working the system and test taking would have been for not.