Wednesday, June 25, 2008

in kind response to hannah's blog.

Greetings Readership
so a blogger, recently (on June 12) published a relatively well written and researched Blog
i read it and bluntly left her a comment, not because i didn't like her blog, or ideas, but simply because i wanted to show off my nerdy-ness and juxtapose the other comment on her page. I shall post her blog here so as to save you the toil of playing link-tag in your browser. I meant her no offense at all. And I'm also quite tired. and i added it to my page because when i sat something i think is funny, i want other people to see it because i am that attention starved. thanks.

so Hannah. if a D&D based rpg module were actually running for president, albeit third edition, i would so completely vote for it. fo-real. like, i don't think you understand how much i would want to be ruled over by a Dungeons and Dragons based Module with a name slightly resembling that of an opposing nominee. Now, that being said, dwarves hate elves, in any and every context, module, story movie or otherwise. and so i don't think a world, run by dwarves, as Burok seems to be, would want Elvish to be the national language. and even if it were, there are so many incarnations of Elvish. even the classis and widely accepted Tolkien Elvish has several dialects. Quenya, or high elf language, Sindarin, Grey elf language and ssamath, the Tolkien-based elven language used by dark elves or Drows in dungeons and dragons setting. plus there is still the tar-eltharin and fan-eltharin, used by wood elves and sea / high elves, respectively, and the Druhir, language of the Dark-elves, all in the Warhammer fantasy setting. As well as the vague elvish language of Andrezedj Sapkowski's Hexar saga, based on Welsh and English, much like Tolkien's. And a very many other vague and half formed incarnations and incantations. So hannah, i think that the meat of the blog itself was good, but the title was very shotty and not very well thought out. please, do me, the nerds, the literate Tolkien scholars, and ultimately America a favor and change the title of your blog. you just make yourself look silly. don't get me wrong, i appreciate what you are trying to do, but there are more effective ways of doing it.



Hannah said...

I see what you mean, Williams.

Upon further inspection of the description of the book, Burok Torn: City Under Seige, I found that you are correct. The city of the dwarves is indeed Burok Torn, and since I assumed the Elves and Dwarves lived together in the LAND Burok Torn (opposed to the city) in a city called Dier Drendel.

This is in fact the neighboring city to Burok Torn, the city of the Dark Elves.

I do apologize if my ignorance and sloppy research has offended you. Next time I research Tolkien, D&D, ancient Dwarven Cities, Rifts between magical beings, Differences between different forms of Elvish, or magical runes, I will be more careful with my execution.


The_Hamburglar said...

thank you hannah, that was all i needed. really was that so hard?