Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farmers Market and my Effing Scooter.

Hello readership. Yesterday morning, I went to the Provo Farmer's Market. I think it has derailed slightly from being just for farmers and is now for anyone with crafts or goods or services that they want to sell, but don't want to/can't turn it into a full time business. But, thats is perfectly okay with me. Or maybe that was the original intent of a Farmer's Market, but when it started, farming type goods and services were the only kind of good/service people could give. Anyhow, i went there today. My sister used to sell Tie-cuffs there, they were the little part of the tie, the one in back, cut off the main tie then turned into a bracelet. Well, she's not a farmer, I said to myself. Yes I did.
It was along first South in Provo, along the south end of Pioneer Park. It is held every Saturday there. The past few Saturday's, however, i have seen big events taking place in the parks itself. I'm not sure if those are a part of it as well, or juts happen to coincide. i think the latter. Today was Sports Hero Day at the park so there were lots of little kids playing all sorts of sports games with miniature, to regular to really huge sized balls. Sorry, back to the farmer's market. it is just the one block, between fifth and sixth west on either side of the sidewalk. People set up little fold-out tables, or have those miniature gazebo type things that they sit under and they try to sell their goods. Some of them were good, like this bread place. It's called Flour Girls and Dough Boys. They had two kinds of Focaccia, one was a large, rectangular loaf of Parmesan and herb, and the other was spinach and feta. i loved them both miraculously. Erika tried their Asiago cheese bread, Alpine sourdough (because a sourdough starter begins to take on the taste of the part of the country or world it is started in, hence San Francisco Sourdough, and in turn, hence Alpine sourdough) and their honey oat. I wanted to buy either a Focaccia loaf of Asiago, and she was for Asiago or Sourdough, so we settled and bought, you guessed it, honey oat... kidding we bought Asiago. anyhow, i also bought a cinnamon roll from them. it was fabulous. It was seriously the best cinnamon roll i have ever tasted. it kicked the bums off of Kneaders. (SEE FIG A & FIG B)


(FIG A is flour boys and Dough Girls being the biggest, strongest and best. FIG B is Kneaders being visibly not awesome in any respect.)
Now, i do like kneaders sandwiches. But their bread, which I used to think was good, was simply good by ignorance, i.e. i had never had anything better. Weehehehell, now I certainly have. Plus i hate Kneader's management. (we have a history)

PART 2: My Stoopid Scooter.

This is my scooter, a white MC-17 Roketa. it retails for about $1,400.00. see this website. It is on sale there for $1,250 ish. Well, for a 150 cc scooter, $1,250 isn't bad. But at Planet Power Toys in Pleasant Grove, Utah, they can get you a much lovelier deal. Notice how they say the price is "too low to post online" it may be true. They are selling these 150 cc scooters for $850. That is a wonderful deal, I told myself. But they thing i didn't consider was this: there is probably a reason they are so cheap. They assemble them themselves at the store, and they buy them wholesale.

(this is just like mine, but blue, and a few hundred less miles)

Well, i bought my scooter on May 15, i know this because just the other day, i had to use the temporary registration to complete a library card application, which I truly will tell you about later. And since then, only four days has it started smoothly. And tonight, at three forty five in the morning, i couldn't get it to start at all. The same thing happened at Zupas when i left at ten ten or so.
except there, i could get it to start after about ten minutes of trying the thumb start and the kick start. The thumb start stopped working at all, it wasn't even making the engine turn over. So, the kick start was my only way to go. And after about fifteen kicks or so, it started with a loud "puhhhff puht phut." But tonight, even after the thumb start quit working (which happened much later, about ten minutes in) the kick start still wouldn't work. it was infuriating. so i took Hannah's car home. It had gas in it, i hope she didn't mind. So all in all, if a deal sounds too good to be true, then the scooter your buying is a piece of trash.

Thank you for reading this friends.

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Hannah said...

Yeah, that's cool, as long it was only for that, and....stuff.

I love your photoshopped muscle man arms. It truly reeks of power and deliciousness.

Kneaders sucks and I hate Eric.