Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game p.1

Lets play a game. It's called "Name That Movie"  I will list fifteen quotes from movies, and you tell me what movies they are from. using is cheating. Okay, here we go:

1: "Hey look, I found waldo!"

2: "...and with the way america's court system is congested these days it would take months to convict him of anything. So I took matters into my own hands and dumped the Triampathol into the meat supply and let ________ be a victim of it's own foul play.  Heh"

3: "I've... got a plan"
"you've '...Got a plan'? You, who is practically incapable of any human thought that isn't trivial, oh come on now ____ this is serious!"

4: "This sash was a gift to me from the queen of America"

5:  "My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ, and I will not tolerate stowaways. You will be flogged. And when we port into Cuba to re-supply, God willing you will be flogged some more. And then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of your miserable lives."

6: "Zatarra. sounds fearsome"
"it means 'driftwood' "

7: "my fellow nerds and I will retire to the 'nerdery' with our calculators. we should have something for you by... this afternoon."

8: "I wouldn't dream of depriving you of your moment of triumph! alas, a moment is all I could spare."

9: "This little revolution of yours is monstrous intolerable"

10: "We shall execute our king instead, and exalt our tailors"
"More's the pity. Then no one shall rule the land , and no one shall make the clothes. So much for French fashion... And French politics. What is that you Frenchies say? Too-shay? you see, I'm a bit of a poet, and you did not know it, wha?"

11: "Mr. McQuinn, my parents are sealed in a biosphere in Arizona. The Biosphere, it's a big bubble thing in the desert, lots of plants and animals, nobody's allowed in or out."

12: "Paaaaaaaatrick, baby boy"

13: "Who are you?"
"I'm your new friend Sam!"

14:  "You're a cop, Kenny?"
"Yeah man, I couldn't think of anything better to do."
"last time I saw you you were doing coke lines off a urinal."

15:  " Rayon." 
"Silk would have been too soggy. Cotton would have..." 
 "Would have burned it. "
"Right. Fortunately, he consulted me before giving it steam. I was four square against it. "


ALRIGHT! That's it!
 Comment and tell me as many as you can. The one who can name the most wins a prize. 


Steverino said...

1. Surf Ninjas
2. Goodburger
3. El Dorado
4. I can't remember, but I’ll know it when I hear it
5. El Dorado
6. I'm guessing El Dorado
7. Dunno
8. The Scarlet Pimpernel
9. I'm guessing The Scarlet Pimpernel
10. The Scarlet Pimpernel
11. Surf Ninjas
12. Dunno
13. Dunno
14. This one is maddeningly familiar.....
15. Dunno

erika danielle eddington said...

1. Surf Ninjas
6. Garden State?
10. Scarlet Pimpernel
12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, duh!
13. Garden State!
14. Also Garden State
15. Benny & Joon