Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Dictionary Dots

Red Dictionary Dots
a poem by Ethan Williams

The dots on the dictionaries
Were put there by visionaries
Whose brains were wont to explode

They'd study too much
Their blood vessels and such
Would start to overload

If they didn't, however,
They'd cease to be clever
And their minds would begin to erode

And so they would read
Their knowledge to feed
And their smarts, oh boy, they showed

But it was sad to discover
Time after another
The same sad scene to unfold

Their veins would start popping
And the kids would be mopping
The floor up from all their crud

In got in their nooks
And on all their books
And got dirty and hard like mud

But it's helpful to know
That the speckles that show
Are actually their blood.