Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't get too Dizzy reading this...

February 14, 2010

Letter time, time for letter,

I’m sending you a few gifts, you know, for Valentine’s day. I hope they find you in time, for the season, you know. I hope they don’t find you late and stop being seasonally appropriate. I know how you are about your seasons and holidays and the timeliness thereof. So I hope you understand and find it in your infinite kindness and goodness and understanding to forgive me if this happens to find you after the Valentine’s day holidays have passed.

But, as is so happens, I hope that such does not become the case, meaning I hope that this does, in fact find you before Valentine’s day, therefore negating the need for apologies and forgiveness altogether. Not that forgiveness is a bad thing, in fact it is a Christ like attribute, which we all should be constantly striving to polish and perfect. And so far be it from me to take away your opportunity to better yourself, especially in an eternal and spiritual sense. And so, in this wise, I do in fact hope this finds you after Valentine’s Day, so that you can exercise your agency and forgive me for its tardiness. I don’t want to be the one who stands before the judgment bar of God and have him say to me that I took away your agency and opportunity to grow by sending this to you on time, prior to the Valentine’s Day holiday and thus abolishing the chance you have to grow and better yourself. And so, with an eternal perspective in mind, I’m not going to mail this off until after Valentines day has come and gone again.

However, with a worldly view apparent simultaneously I wish for you to receive these gifts before the holiday so that you can enjoy them on aforementioned day and appreciate the gesture. So, that is what I shall do, and I will plan to give you plenty of other opportunities to exercise you spiritual strength and resilience by forgiving me later. For example, you could forgive me that this entire letter so far has simply been talking about whether this letter will get to you before or after this holiday. I could have just as easily said simply: “So, I hope you get this before Valentine’s Day, but if not. Know that I have tried to get it to you on time.” And that would have been it and I could have gone on with the letter, addressing more important and pertinent things than these trivial matters that have just been discussed.

But alas, that is not the way this panned out. And so now I am giving you equal and ample opportunity to stretch forth your arm of forgiveness and grow spiritually by forgiving me for my folly. I hope that is some condolence. I took away the chance you had to forgive me for sending it late, but I gave you a new opportunity to forgive me for its content…unless this does happen to find you late anyway, in which case, all the better, for you shall be blessed highly of the lord for your willingness to show him your devotion to becoming a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ by forgiving me.

So, that being said, I hope you do enjoy the contents contained herein… Of course there is the one of you not wanting to become a better person, or not finding it helpful or easy to forgive me, and therefore you sulk in a deep depression for me not getting this to you in time for a Valentine’s day. If that turns out to so be, I do apologize. It was never meant to have such an effect, but rather the contrary. Rather , an uplifting effect, and a brightening of spirits should ideally take place. But if this is not the case, once again, find me exercising my Christ like attribute, humility, in begging your pardon and pleading for you forgiveness.

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Hannah Hillam said...

This was the worst to read out loud. I kept waiting for the part where he gets to the point, but it never came.