Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photoshops I Did Myself

Here is a picture I made on Photoshop. I've been photoshop crazy the past little while.

So... Theres a photoshoppy picture I made that I am proud of.
and America, I need your help.

I need your honest opinions in order to help me. I'm gonna put up a few photos here and I would ask that you all tell me with ones you like the most. Preferrably which three you like the most. I have a poll in the upper right corner of my blog (look and see) that you can rate on, or, if you don't have a blogspot I.D. then just leave a comment. Thank you.

The first Image, (A) is the the photoshop picture. (A) is the Walk one,

(B) Birdhouse
(C) Trees
(D)New York Street
(F) Woman in NYC

Anyhow, Thank you very much, and please comment.


jakeandlacey said...

They're all pretty sweet. I like the last two the best! For whatever that's worth :). Good job!

Amy Huntington said...

I like B. I would do another version of it to see how it looks. Ctrl+J and turn it into a deep sepia tone, and then play with all the different overlays. And opacity levels. What if the background was a dark color instead of white? I really like it how it is, just putting in some ideas too. :) I am really happy to find a fellow photoshop-lover!