Sunday, October 19, 2008

THE ...ANONYMOUS (Hannah's Family) CABIN

THE ...ANONYMOUS (Hannah's Family) CABIN: Day 1

So today, I came to the cabin owned by Hannah’s Grandparents. It is pretty sweet. In fact, a few years ago, it was written about as one of the two best cabins in Sundance by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Cosmopolitan didn’t bother to inform the ... Anonymous's that they wrote this article however. It was found by a friend while flying in an airplane. They now have a full copy of the article. In fact, I found out that Ted Koppel and Sydney Pollack have both stayed in this very cabin, and enjoyed it greatly. So... wow.
Erika, my girlfriend, wanted to go up to the cabin for her birthday, which was on the fifth. Well, needless to say, she didn’t make it on the fifth. But that was all totally okay, be
cause, you see, she reserved it for the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth, not the fifth. And her reason being, that there is Fall Break on that (this) weekend. So... no school!
We drove up here at like... twelve forty five with Hannah ... Anonymous, our friend. And also with a crap-ton of foods and a regular ton of games. We got here at around... who cares. And then we started unpacking. It is beautiful up here. I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Before we did anything else, I took pictures of the outside and then a video tour of the outside and inside. (which were posted on You tube, but then had to be removed for the same reason i now have to title this post Anonymous cabin instead of ... you know) The video tour will be available in my next blog, because i uploaded them first thing, and then after doing this whole blog, the first video wasn't even done yet. so i'll put them on separately. Yeah.

After that was complete, Hannah lazed on, in, and around the patio by the kitchen for about twenty minutes then left.

Erika and I were waiting for David and Angie. Erika, you see, works with Angie and David, you see, is married to Angie. And I... well... I am dating Erika and so therefore know everyone at Erika’s work, including Angie. So... we were waiting for them so we could star hiking Stuart Falls with them. But we realized we didn’t know where the trail-head that was near us was. We knew there was one, but we didn’t know exactly where it was, you see. So we decided to walk up to where we thought it was and take a look-see around to try (to/and) find it. Well, Tensions rose and we couldn’t find it. But i did take more pictures... Sorry. Here they are:

I also Saw a dead squirrel: (my Mother and Erika are both going to slaughter me for this...)

So we got back to Base Camp... er... the cabin, and Erika called up the main Sundance number. After being transferred two times to someone who would know better, she got to someone who actually did know better. He said there were about fifteen entrances to the trail, many cabin’s have them int heir back yards, but the nearest one to us would be on Three Sisters Lane. Just where we thought. So we knew that now. And Angie and David should have gotten here by now. But they hadn’t. Our phones didn’t have reception much of the time, and we assumed nether did Angie and David’s. so they could be lost and have no way of getting a hold of us! We used the house line to call, and they actually just hadn’t left yet. So, long story short (too late!) One by one, they all arrived... actually they arrived together, and I was with them in their car. Did I whet your appetite for more. Do you want to know the whole story? Okay fine. So it took them an hour and fifteen minutes to get here after they left. And it wasn’t because they got lost, but because they gate they were supposed to enter and type a code into was not obvious. And they couldn’t just call us with the problem, but they had to drive all the way back down to the base so they could get reception. They had to do that two or three times. It turns out, after I walked down to meet them, that the gate they had been using was straight... well, how about let’s use this diagram I’ve made. Yeah?

They drove up Stuart Road, the road leading up from Sundance which is located at (A:) and the directions they were given were to enter a code in the keypad and the gate will open. Well, they saw no keypad, and they drove straight to (B:) a gate that said GreatHaven, or something like that, Blueberry Hills, or something. Well, as previously mentioned, they couldn’t find the gate entrance key, so they went all the way back down to the Sundance main lodge to get reception and call us. We said that the gate didn’t have any writing on it. They said that there might have been a place to turn that was to the left, but they weren’t sure cause it was up a hill and obscured by trees (F:) We said to take it. But they didn’t tell us that they couldn’t find they keypad. They took the road tot he left eventually (D:) did and couldn’t find a keypad to enter so they turned around and drove back to call us. At this point, I walked down there and waited for them. It turns out that there was a little tiny little almost 2 dimensional little wood box with a roof (C:) which they absentmindedly drove past every time, because there was no keypad sticking out for them to push. It’s true, but if you look close, built into this tiny little log ... it’s not even a building it’s flat... but built into the wall of this thing was the keypad. And it opened up the gates (E:) to let them drive through. Oh, and the giant grey area in the middle is just that, a metaphorical grey area in which you cannot tell where one road ends and the other begins. It was just a ton of dirt, so you couldn’t tell where a road stopped or started or which way it went.

Phew. That was something. Telling that story wore me out. Sheesh. Well, they got here, we hiked Stuart Falls, which is less of a ‘hike’ and more of a ‘gently walk through a field.’ During which time we saw 9 deer. David is going into photography so he had a really nice DSLR, a Canon EOS Rebel which really made me jealous, I drooled twice, but I wiped it up before anyone saw. So he took good pictures. And since his shmancy camera has a shutter-speed adjuster and a tripod

...And an actual tripod too. He was able to take “silky delicious” pictures of the waterfall, As Angie called it, where it’s all smooth and stuff. . 3 second shutter speed. Later on he even... effing... used a 30 second shutter speed in the dark to take pictures of these stones...Lucky. I took bad ones. But here are mine anyway. There was also a very pointless 'bridge' that didn't cross any water, and if water happen to accumulate in the river bed, the bridge would be covered. so... useless bridge.

So, he actually had a real tripod, see?

We got done, hiked back which was no fun because we still had to go uphill. We got back, made delicious Tin-Foil Dinners in the fireplace because Robert Redford and Sundance decided to be fagsterbated and outlaw any outdoor fires for some ridiculous reason, safety or something stupid like that. They were yum. Then, we watched Clue the movie. They left right when it ended and Erika’s mom pulled in right as they were pulling out. She got lost too, but I don’t know the story behind that. They weren’t sure this was the right house. Thats all I know. But anyhow, they got here, I helped them get their stuff in, and then I went to sleep on the upstairs bed. Yep. End Day One.

THE ...ANONYMOUS (Hannah's Family) CABIN: Day 2

I heard that at two fifteen in the morning Erika awoke to the sound of creaking wood and muffled whispers. she tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. She awoke again at two forty five to more whispers, this time audible. And footsteps and wood creaking. Two people had arrived at the cabin and were figuring out where to stay. One stayed in the loft and the other with Erika. At first She thought that it was just Scott who arrived. Scott is Erika’s brother. And the female voice was Erika’s mom, but she later learned that it was Cassandra, Erika’s sister who was providing the female voice and Ian, a man who Cassandra used to date, with gorgeous long silky strawberry blonde hair and an acorn tattoo on his chest, providing the male voice. He had work in the morning. Scott didn’t even arrive until two in the afternoon the next day. Dressed completely in denim, as is par with him. He’s a child of the early nineties, and you can’t prove otherwise, hard as you try. she went to sleep again. she awoke a third time to creaking wood and a blaring Television below her. I came to the cabin at this point, and the door was opened and i enter into the sound of the television. Of course, television in a cabin in the beautiful outdoors, of course. And of course it was the two littler kids watching it. Well, Erika couldn’t sleep with that happening, so she got up. It was half past eight anyway. I went upstairs eventually and washed dishes while others ate breakfast. There was a ridiculous conception here that if a breakfast is written down on a piece of paper, then it is law. James wanted Muffins, but they couldn’t have muffins today because they were for Sunday. But the muffins on the paper were replaced by cinnamon rolls, so there was no written place for muffins, so they said that they could just make them for a mid-day snack some day. Well, James was freaking out about the muffin situation. But they seemed tied to this paper idea. That muffins were not on the paper, or menu, for today’s breakfast so they would rather go without them than make them a different day. And this seemed totally logical to them. I suggested making the muffins anyway, to calm James down, and to add something else to the Cereal they had. They had written Malt-o-Meal on the paper for breakfast today, but they forgot it, and so they had cereal instead. I was surprised they had anything at all. So after much debate and inner turmoil and debates, they finally decided to have muffins as well. The bottoms were burnt so we ended up cutting them off.
We lazed around for about and hour. Then we ate hot-dogs for lunch at three thirty. There was pork-n beans and also a funky new soda from Sunflower market that had no High Fructose Corn Syrup and had cane sugar. It was DeliSH. I forgot! And before all this, Erika and I took a ride down to the Sundance Lodge with Cassandra and looked around. The ski-lifts were not working. I asked why, they said their season was over. I said my mom and sister went on them two days ago. They said that was their last day. Poop. So we walked back. My battery on my camera was gone, but I managed to snap a few good pics, see:

We got back up and then we all decided to hike up to Stuart Falls, Again. Erika and I got about 150 yards up the road and then I decided I didn’t want to go cause I was feeling a tid bit sick. And Erika was Very Very nice enough to come back with me. She watched the office while I took a bath in the Huge-A bathtub that had the option of Jacuzzi jets that I didn’t use. But there was a giant window that anyone could see into if they just walked up the hill about twenty feet. See the two Diagrams below.

And originally, i made the diagrams cause i didn't have any more betteries in my camera to take a picture of it. but then, as you'll discover later, my parents came, with a camera. so here are real pictures of the tub.

After that, Erika’s grandma and grandpa came and said hello. Her grandma also brought a huge can of pineapple juice and two cans of Shasta Lemon-lime soda to make ‘punch.’it was cute. She brought it in a little bag with two freezer-cold packs next to them to keep them quasi-cool, but we still had to refrigerate it. We chit chatted for about seven minutes or so, and then scott came up the stairs. He ran ahead of his family on the trail home. They chit chatted about BYU football, at which point his mom came in, preceded by an out of breath Kirsten and James. She said No Football talk. Scott said “but... they want to. We were ... just talking. They wanted to.” but the subject was changed. I poured them some cool punch and they all chit-chatted about how they all knew the people who built the cabin, Hannah’s grandparents, and the history thereof. Well, they left soon thereafter because they wanted to get back before dark. It was about 5:45 at this point. They left and we watched the new Indiana Jones. And halfway through, Hannah got here and Erika and I started cooking instead of watching. And Hannah homeworked. It was Penne Rosa, and it was delicious. There were lotsa leftovers. After that, I... forgot, hang on while I think. Oh yeah! We played Scotland Yard till twelve thirty and then Cassandra wanted us to watch Freaks and Geeks. So we did. “They’re short, 20 minute episodes” she said. We joked about them being hour or two hour long. It’s funny cause it actually was an hour long. But 14 of commercials were cut out. Then I went to sleep on the loft.

THE ...ANONYMOUS (Hannah's Family) CABIN: Day 3

Once again ... Erika... awoke to the sound of blaring cartoons. But this time ...she... was in the loft area. You see, it’s like a little... overhang-y guy over the top room. Yep. Hannah woke up too and started a fire. I came over at this point. Cassandra woke up soon thereafter and had them shut off the t.v. Then Cassandra got us to watch another episode of Freaks and Geeks. And speaking of Freaks and Geeks, can you tell the difference between these two actresses? One is Ellen Page, from Juno, and the other is Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks. Indistinguishable huh. Like ... (insert commonly mistaken items here)


We than had a delicious breakfast called Creme Brulee French Toast, which we prepared the night before. Butter and brown sugar on the bottom, then set french bread or baguette in it, then pour eggs, half and half, vanilla and Grand Marnier. It’s excruciatingly delicious. But there was some debate over whether or not is was done. So we each ate one piece from one pan, and it was gone, and we put the other pan back in the oven. James, of course, didn’t want any. Next, was... after breakfast. We... I forgot again... Um... After the breakfast- Oh Yeah! We watched a single short episode of Extras and then Erika and Hannah and myself went on a walk around the ski-run right by the cabin. It was beautiful, I wish my camera had a battery that worked. It was gorgeous. There was just a hill that had a thin little path worn into is and the leaves were all yellow, and next to it was this big empty hill that the ski run runs on. It was pretty. During that time Cassandra yelled at us from across the hill that Erika’s mom and James were leaving. So Hannah needed to move her car, luckily, she left her keys at the house, so she didn’t have to leave to mountain. We finished and then walked back tot he cabin. It was pretty. Then Hannah drove Myself, Erika Kirsten and Cassandra to Sundance lodge(s). We looked at all the shops for about forty five minutes and remembered how bloody expensive everything is. But they did have some really good smelly candles. They also had these little canvas packets and inside was a baby t-shirt. You were to save it for your future child for your baby to wear and then it would predict it’s career. Erika thought these were really funny and awesome. She almost bought one for herself. Well, actually for her future baby (it would be too small for her). And it was one of the cheapest things in there. We drove back, which was so much nicer than walking. And played Scotland Yard again. I was Mr. X and I WON!!!! I made it through the whole game without getting caught! But there were only two people trying to catch me. We played again: Me, Hannah, James, Erika and Erika’s Mom( Sandra). Erika was Mr(s) X. Hannah was under time constraints, and that coupled with the fact that James is really.. The way he is, really energetic and intense and serious and loud and chaotic all the time, and Hannah gets anxiety really bad, especially around James, made for a less than lovely game. But it was still fun. Erika got two moves away from winning and that was with 4 people after her, I was very impressed.
Next, I... we... Jeez, um... then...Wow I can’t remember. At all. Sorry.

Oh, okay, well, eventually, I went upstairs and fell asleep for a few minutes, like forty five, while the rest of the crew watched Corpse Bride. Oh, but before that, I took a bath in the Huge-A bathtub, and this time, I did use the jets. They were good, but not great. Then I took my nap, then I got up and helped Cassandra Finish Dinner, which was Trout with Creole seasoning, Mexican style rice with peppers, baked squash with brown sugar and multi-grain bread with butter. It was delish. Cassandra’s lush-haired friend Ian, whom I mentioned before, came over and ate with us, and watched the last 5 minutes of Fawlty Towers with Erika and Me. We also played a game of Scotland Yard after dinner. Cassandra did well as Mr(s) X, but about 4 moves less good than Erika. Then, I went upstairs and started writing on my blog again. After that, I think I’m, gonna do sit-ups with Erika then watch a t.v. show as I fall asleep. I’ll let you know fo-sho on the morrow. As if you really care.

THE ...ANONYMOUS (Hannah's Family) CABIN: Day 4.

Today... I didn’t take any pictures, again, cause my battery was gone... I’m sorry.
We ate a breakfast of Cinnamon rolls, Eggs and bacon, in that order, meaning that the rolls were done ten minutes before the eggs, and the eggs ten minutes before the bacon, so it was a three course meal, I guess. James doesn’t eat egg whites and Kirsten doesn’t eat egg yolks. Then we started cleaning up. Washing pillow cases, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, wiping stuff down, packing, etc. a scare happened when we all thought that the owners were really mad at us for still being up there. We were all nervous in our tummies, but it ended up being nothing. My mom and dad came up and I took 66 more pictures, so I’ll add some here.

Oh yeah, and i won my first game of CLUE ever. Mrs. Scarlet, in the Hall, with the Candlestick. Boo-yah.

Then we came home. I found pictures of Ellen Page and Linda Cardellini for you to compare. The
answers are 1. Ellen Page. 2. Linda Cardellini, 3. Ellen Page 4. Linda Cardellini. Yep.
And so that was my Visit to the Hillam's Cabin. and thank you the ANONYMOUS'S very much for letting us and me stay there. I greatly, Greatly appreciated it... a whole lot. Thank you. and if you would like to see all the pictures i took, all 250+, i'll be adding them to my facebook account by tomorrow night. here's the link. or, to my photobucket, which is here. (name: TheHamburglar47. Password: people47)


Erika Eddington said...

Well documented! Especially the part about Angie and David being lost. And the breakfast fiasco. It was kinda a fiasco. You wouldn't believe how important it is to keep to the menu.

Hannah said...

Your diagrams are wonderful.
I love them.

I also love reading your blog. Like, a lot. It's hilarious.