Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog Number Two and Knives (plus a brief overview of Iceland days)

Hello again Readership. this is my second Blog. Yesterday, i was at Erika's house, not her apartment, helping her watch her two little siblings, what with James being completely off the wall and very difficult to get to behave, and Kirstin being not quite as bad... not nearly as bad. so i was over there helping her cook dinner because her older Brother scott who took over watching them at 2 is an invalid and either sleeps or zones out on the computer whenever he "watches" them, so Erika thought it best for all parties involved, barring her maybe, if she went back and cooked dinner for them. they had chicken (thighs, i found out) rice and corn we had bought last week. so Erika cooked the corn and rice and i was left to make the chicken. Usually, Erika and I have a lovely time cookig together, but this time, it wasn't so lovely. It was loud and chaotic and very fast paced and distracting and Erika's home doesn't have a single decent knife. now, any two of these elements would not be a big deal. i could probably even handle three, but when they all collided, it was just too much. The thighs were rubbery, as thighs often are, and there were big-ol fat bones in them, and there wasn't even a steak knife to be found. I either had a bread knife, or a short knife with a huge handle whose tip was cut off and wasn't serrated.
So after futilely trying to use every knife in the house, I left on my scooter to go borrow one of my dad's glorious knifes. it wasn't his "
perfectly balanced high-carbon steel Forschner 8-inch chef’s knife with the Fibrox handle" because, he is still breathing and would not allow me to even attempt to pry it out of his fingers. But i used one almost equally good. personally, actually, i like it more simply because it's heavier and therefore, i feel more many and tough. So, i got back to Erika's and cut the thighs into strips with ease and made honey mustard chicken, which i was afraid would be hated by all but myself and Erika, but it was relatively well received (it was hated by everyone but me, Erika and Scott.)
Iceland Days.
for a more detailed and delicious overview of this event, visit Steverino's blog at (which link i provide conveniently at the left side of this page) but what i can tell you is that i had to sing an Icelandic folk song, which i thought was even more brain-numbing than most American folk tunes. But i blame that on the high-key it was set in and the faerie-esque instrumentation that accompanied the c.d. as well as the singer on the practice disc who sounded like a tormented but arrogant castratti. I also had three Icelandic hot dogs,( which are made with Dog* as well and beef.) and two Icelandic doughnuts as well as an Icelandic pancake and a lamb lunch, needless to say, i didn't go to work that evening.

*by dog, i actually mean Sheep.**

**By sheep, i meant lamb.

anyhow, thanks for reading, i'll be posting more later, i'm still trying to work my way into the large-sized blogger-shoes that are worn by the best webloggers out there, so please, be patient, and thanks.

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